About Us

Like online games? Like mobile apps? Like money? Like checking out new games/apps before anyone else? iGameLab has it all:

  • Talk with others your age about cool games, apps, YouTube videos and Websites. Tell them the ones you like/don’t like—and learn what others your age think are cool.
  • Check-out new “beta” games/apps before they are released to the public.
  • Have fun playing the games/apps.
  • Give your opinions and suggestions.
  • Get paid!

iGameLab is organized by age group: there is an iGameLab for kids, one for teens and one for young adults ages 18-29.

iGameLab is a private, members-only community.

If you are a game or app developer and would like to learn more about how iGameLab can help you achieve a successful launch click here or email us.

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